Traditional braces remain the gold standard when it comes to most orthodontic treatment. However, many cases can now be treated successfully using clear aligners (for example, Invisalign or Clear Correct) in place of braces when a patient prefers not to have braces.

Teens who have lost all of their baby teeth and whose orthodontic conditions fall within certain parameters can be candidates for aligner treatment with increasing frequency as the technology continues to develop over a wider range of case types. A thorough orthodontic exam assessing the growth of the bones and fit of the bite must be done to determine if a patient is a suitable candidate for aligner treatment.
Some reasons that teen patients choose aligner treatment are the following:

  • aligners are nearly invisible, especially compared to braces
  • there are no food restrictions with aligner treatment
  • oral hygiene is easier with aligners than braces because aligners are removed to brush and floss
  • there are no wires or brackets to irritate the mouth and aligners can be trimmed if needed to improve comfort
  • long-distance treatment (for example, treatment for college students) can be accomplished successfully as long as compliance with aligner wear is excellent
  • playing sports and or musical instruments may be done more comfortably with aligners
  • if motivated by the desire to correct their teeth without using braces, many teens will be extremely compliant with aligner wear and few lose their aligners.

For parents, an additional benefit of aligner treatment is fewer emergency visits than with traditional braces, requiring less time out of busy schedules.

At our office, we offer treatment using aligners for the same fee as for traditional braces, and we also offer flexible no-interest payment plans. If your teen wants to straighten their teeth but does not wish to have braces in order to do so, give our office a call-they may be able to accomplish their goal comfortably and invisibly!