Are you retirement age and considering adult orthodontics? You are in good company! Regardless of age, a person’s smile and their eyes are the initial things noticed about them. Since it is more common now for us to be able to keep our teeth for our lifetime, rather than anticipating dentures, many folks seek to improve the beauty of their smiles through orthodontic treatment.

Some of the appliances used for adolescents and younger adults are also appropriate options for seniors. Braces remain the ideal choice in many cases, but today these could be either metal or ceramic, which are tooth-colored and therefore more difficult to detect. In contrast to braces of the past, today’s appliances are smaller and are attached to just the front of the teeth, rather than wrapping completely around each tooth. Contemporary braces are also more comfortable, with gentler forces being placed on the teeth to move them.

Another great option available today for seniors is clear aligners. These devices are not bonded directly to the teeth but instead slip over them like a clear retainer. They are very discreet as they are nearly invisible. Like braces, aligners move the teeth with gentle pressure. The patient changes the aligners every few weeks as the teeth gradually straighten, then visits the orthodontist to have their teeth and bite checked and to receive their next sets of aligners. Since the aligners are removed for eating and cleaning, there are no food restrictions with aligner treatment and oral care is as easy as it would be if one were not having adult orthodontic treatment.

A thorough examination for senior orthodontics will involve a consideration of prior dental treatment, medications, bone density, etc. In addition, coordination between the orthodontist and general dentist or other dental specialist may be required to ensure smooth, safe treatment the best result possible.

If you are interested in learning more about straightening your teeth through adult orthodontics, call our office today to schedule a complimentary exam.